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DRPU Conversion Software - MySQL to MS SQL

Price: $45

DRPU database conversion software – MySQL to MS SQL converts entire MySQL database records into MS SQL database records. Conversion tool easily converts queries, foreign key, views and indexes with all necessary attributes.

Software features:

  • Connect MySQL and MS SQL server locally or remotely using Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication.
  • Database converter works with all latest versions of MySQL server and all versions of MS SQL server.
  • Database converter software allows user to save converted MSSQL database records at user specified safe location on PC.

Database Conversion software supports to select the created MySQL Database and MySQL Table(s) to convert into MS SQL database. Software has facility to convert views, queries, indexes etc.

Convert MySQL database into MS SQL database with full support to database constraints like Data Types, Key constraints etc. Software has facility to convert 4.1 or earlier versions of MySQL using Classic mode.