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Now no need to waste time in writing lengthy scripting or coding, just install MS Excel to MySQL DB conversion software to convert database records created in MS Excel to MY SQL database. Data migration tool easily works with all versions of MySQL servers and Microsoft Excel and no any technical skill is required to operate the software.

MS Excel-MySQL database converter software supports entire database data types and attributes and empowers you to migrate individual or all database with maintain integrity of converted database records.

Software Features:
  • Converts MS Excel to mysql database records.
  • Supports entire database data types and attributes.
  • Allows user to convert entire or selected MS Excel database as per your requirement.
  • Supports entire versions of MS Excel and Windows MySQL servers.
  • Provides option to save the converted database records at specified location on PC.
Software benefits:
  • Converts database without modifying database originality and integrity.
  • Does not require special training or assistance to operate the DB migration software.